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IGFLA World Championship London 2008

IGLFA World Championship 2008



The launch of this exhibition is timed to coincide with the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association World Championship which is being hosted by Leftfooters FC in London  between 23-30th August 2008. We hope to be able to add some of the experiences from the event to the exhibition in due course as a way of giving greater insight into gay football in an international context.    

The following is taken from Leftfooters FC’s website and charts the journey of bringing the Championship back to London:
“After a year of planning, the bid was accepted after the host committee made a presentation to the IGLFA Board of Directors in March, including a tour of the proposed venues. The Directors commended London on the organization in place, as well as the centrality of the fields and accommodation.

This will be the largest gay football event in the UK since Stonewall FC hosted the IGLFA World Championship in 2001, but the real buzz surrounding this tournament is the full endorsement by the Football Association. The support by the FA is extremely important, not only in getting logistical and technical support, but also by granting instant credibility. Perhaps even more critical is the catalyst for the endorsement. The FA is taking a clear stance on homophobia in football and they are not being shy about it. Simon Johnson, the Director of Corporate Affairs for The FA, explains, "The FA is absolutely committed to tackling all forms of discrimination and harassment and to promote equality...The FA is leading the campaign to tackle homophobic abuse in football in England as part of the Football For All Campaign".

Launch at the FA

Whilst giving the tournament its backing, The FA has agreed that IGLFA rules so both competitive and recreational (men's and women's) divisions will allow unlimited substitutions. Leftfooters wishes to show the world why our ethos of fairplay and inclusiveness has brought us the success it has, while at the same time putting on a great show and spreading the spirit that our friends around the world know us for. While being aimed at the gay and lesbian community, London 2008 will welcome all players, regardless of age, gender, ability, race or sexual orientation. London 2008 will show the world just how much gay football has grown in the UK."

The success of Leftfooters’ bid was announced at a reception hosted by the FA at its headquarters in Soho Square, London.  Read more about the event by clicking here:

Brian Silk, a member of Leftfooters, filmed the Reception.  These clips are from his footage and give you the chance to hear speeches given by Mikey Collins (click here) , Chair of World Championship 2008 and Simon Johnson (click here), Director of Corporate Affairs at The FA. 


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