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Formed in 1996, Village Manchester FC’s roots lie in what they describe on their website as “a small, yet determined group of friends who formed a team to enable like-minded individuals to play a sport they were passionate about in a competitive local league. Motivation was, in part, to prove a point against a common view that a gay team could not compete in a competitive straight league but more importantly - win, lose or draw - the club was a focal point for all involved to keep fit and socialise together.”

Village Manchester FC competes in weekly Sunday league matches having won promotion to the Manchester Accountants League Premier Division in 2003/4 and gaining the respect of all opponents in this predominantly 'straight' sport. Village Manchester’s Second Team has up until the 08/09 season competed in the GFSN League.

The Club’s website states: “…we run weekly training sessions for everybody, regardless of ability, in addition to training aimed at improving our competitive players. Despite the club's ambition, we remain fully inclusive, and are open to anyone who is gay and finds football fun.“


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