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Tournaments are an important feature of the GFSN’s calendar and for us they provided an ideal opportunity to gain players’ opinions on critical issues in gay football and its place in society.   The approach taken with the video diaries was to record players’ spontaneous, unrehearsed responses to three open, unseen questions in the live setting of a tournament.  The use of film was significant as it allowed us to capture the full expression of players’ personal viewpoints in an environment in which they felt at home.  The diaries begin in June 2006 at the GFSN’s Annual Tournament in Newcastle.

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Louisa and Johnny

GFSN Annual Tournament Newcastle June 2006

Yorkshire 5-a-Side Tournament - March 2007

GFSN Annual Tournament Dublin - June 2007

Leicester 6-a-Side Tournament - September 2007

Yorkshire 5-a-Side Tournament - March 2008

GFSN Annual Tournament Liverpool - June 2008



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