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Welcome to the Online Gay Football Exhibition which explores the world of amateur gay football. Based on research by Louisa Jones and Mac McCarthy at the University of Central Lancashire, it examines the role and challenges of gay football and its position in the wider context of the sport.  Through the use of video diaries, images and narrative, the exhibition presents the first-hand experiences of players, their reasons for joining gay teams and what gay football means to them.  It also considers the attention that is being given to gay football by The Football Association (The FA), the media and other organisations. 

The exhibition showcases gay clubs and provides a background to gay football and its supporters in the UK by exploring leagues and associated networks.  The focus is purely on gay and gay friendly teams as research into lesbian teams is already well established.  The launch of the exhibition is timed to coincide with the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association World Championship which is being held in London 24th-30th August 2008 and which, it is anticipated, will bring gay participation in football further into the media spotlight.

The aims, findings and challenges of the longitudinal study upon which the exhibition’s contents are based are also explored to give an insight into its underlying academic context which has drawn strongly on concepts of hegemonic masculinity, heteronormativity and the social constructs of homosexuality. As the research is ongoing, we will be adding to the contents of the exhibition regularly so please keep visiting us. If you have any comments, questions or thoughts on the website and its contents, please contact us.


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