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The GFSN and London Unity Leagues

The GFSN League

The GFSN facilitated the development of the Gay National League in order to enable the growing number of gay and gay friendly clubs from across the UK (and more recently the Republic of Ireland) to play competitive matches.

Ten teams will play in the GFSN league in the 08-09 season:

Yorkshire Terriers
Hot Scots
Brighton Bandits
London Titans
London Falcons
Leicester Wildecats
Nottingham BallBois
Birmingham Blaze
GFC Bournemouth


The GFSN committee are hopeful that a further seven LGBT-friendly teams across the UK will accept an invitation to compete in a knock-out cup competition, that runs alongside the league.

They are:

Merseyside Marauders  
Stonewall Third Team     
Village Manchester        
London Romans           
Dublin Devils             
Newcastle Panthers   
Cardiff Dragons

All 17 teams will be taking part in GFSN tournaments and competitions at some point throughout 2008/09. This includes 5-a-side and 11-a-side tournaments, as well as the Annual GFSN Get-Together.

Click here for additional information on the GFSN National League including its origins, format and rules and expansion as well as results from previous seasons.

London Unity Football League

Formed in 2006, the London Unity Football League “is a league set up and designed to unite people from all different backgrounds in a competitive, local, friendly environment. The clubs involved in this league welcomes all ages and skill levels”. 

Teams taking part in the 08-09 season are:

London Falcons FC
Phoenix FC
London Romans FC
Stonewall FC (3rd Team)
London Titans FC


Learn more about the league by clicking here




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