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London Falcons terms itself a "community friendly": it is a football club which includes a gay-friendly team. Craig Randall explains: “We have a very strict diversity policy at the club. It is our belief that people should be able to play football in a safe and friendly environment regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation and faith. There is a very important difference between "community friendly" and "gay club". The club has several teams under its banner, a mainstream team (reserves to soon follow), LGBT team and in the near future a Ladies 'mainstream' Team too."

The following is taken from the timeline on the Falcons’ website:

“London Falcons was formed by Craig Randall on 4th June 2006. 13 men gathered at Fairfields Recreation Park in Kingston upon Thames to play a few hours of football. The guys all socialised down the Coconut pub just off the Fairfields Park. Due to the success of the early kick arounds, Falcons were soon able to start training and preparing for the London Unity Football League. By the 4th training session the numbers had risen to 24 people.

The first official friendly match was played on 9th August 2006 against a local team from the Kew estate and it was a very proud day for the club. Not only did the Falcons complete their first ever 90 minutes as a team, they also scored the first ever Falcons goal through James Edeki who would go on to be highest club goalscorer. Though the Falcons didn't win, it was a pleasant evening all round and both teams played in fantastic spirits.

London Falcons’ first kit was donated to us by our friends at Stonewall Football Club. The first official home and away kit was custom made by John Harrison Sports Ltd. In an age where branded kits are forever being changed the aim was to be able to allow players to buy their own personalised shirts with names and numbers and it was hoped that we could keep reproducing the kit over the seasons when new members joined. Unfortunately, things didn't go to plan regarding the kits, and John Harrison stopped producing custom made kits so the club were forced to use a branded kit. It was a smart kit by Adidas which was to be used for seasons 2007/08 and 2008/09.”

The Falcons also play in The London Unity Football League which was formed by the manager of the London Falcons, Craig Randall. Their story continues:

“The L.U.F.L. is a community based league inviting players from all walks of life. It was also Randall's aim to provide local and competitive football to players at the club. The 2006/07 season involved LGBT teams GFC Bournemouth, London Romans and Stonewall 3rds. The London Falcons finished runners-up behind GFC Bournemouth. In season 2007/08, Falcons entered two teams into the league, an A and B team. The league has grown in the second season with Stonewall 3rds and Romans staying involved along with new comers London Titans. With the absence of league champions of GFC Bournemouth who were unable to fulfil the fixtures and therefore had to withdraw from the league, the London Falcons A team went on to win the league convincingly. With highscoring games, such as 12-0, 9-0 and 10-0 it was decided that the LGBT A team would not compete in the following season and instead let our B-Team compete.

London Falcons LGBT team were accepted into the G.F.S.N. National League in season 2007/08. Only GFC Bournemouth has won the league in their first season and London Falcons repeated that in the 2007/08 season with a string of impressive results including 4-1 v London Titans, 1-0 vs Village Manchester, 3-0 vs G.F.S.N. champions GFC Bournemouth.” The team was set up initially as a weekly fun kick-a-bout, and this is still a very important part of the set-up. Not everyone is able to play in the GFSN League team, but the weekly kick-a-bout is open to everyone, regardless of ability and age, and is usually attended by around 40 people. Leicester Wildecats will be making their World Cup debut when they take part in the London 2008 IGLFA World Championship.”



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