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Cardiff Dragons


Cardiff Dragons are currently the only LGBT-friendly club in Wales.  Luke Owen, a GFSN member and former Birmingham Blaze player, is the Club’s founder and Secretary - he tells their brief history:


“I realised in mid-May 2008 that I was likely to end up in Cardiff and consequently I contacted the South Wales GFSN.  Having been involved with the Blaze and GFSN League for three years, and having made many great friends, I didn’t want my move to Wales to necessitate me giving up football. I asked the local GFSN co-ordinator if there were any plans to send a team to the Annual Get-together on 7th June 2008 in Liverpool, which there weren’t. Awareness of GFSN in South Wales is poor – membership in the region currently stands at just five! When we took to the field in Liverpool, the team was made up of two South Wales GFSN members,  myself and a friend from Birmingham who has helped me set up the club (the now-Chairperson of the Dragons - also moving to Cardiff), and a borrowed Leftfooter of Welsh origin!

Since then things have moved fairly quickly. The club is ambitious and targets the 2009/10 season for GFSN League status, consequently organising fixtures against established clubs to prepare us for our application. We are also close
to agreeing a sponsorship deal with a leading local venue to help us finance some of our plans – initially purchasing a kit. Our intention is to launch the Club and raise awareness at Cardiff Pride (September 6-7 2008) and hopefully increase membership.”





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